Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton “Blackie”

My favourite stratocaster hands down.


Revisit the boards…

So like I mentioned I have made some major changes to the boards: Board A: EVH Wah - Sonuus Wahoo - Dime Wah - CAE Boost - TS9 - Shaker - DS-1 - Fat Fuzz Factory - RAH - YD RAT - RAT - Mini MUFF So what changed? Jimi is out replaced by Dime, … Continue reading Revisit the boards…

New T-Shirts @ www.zo-rane.com

Head over to http://www.zo-rane.com and check out these new silk screen printed t-shirts! It was a real experience and joy to make these! It was my first time¬†with silk screening and I must say, I will definitely be doing this more often. If you do happen to order a shirt please make sure to wear … Continue reading New T-Shirts @ www.zo-rane.com