Revisit the boards…

So like I mentioned I have made some major changes to the boards:

Board A:

EVH Wah – Sonuus Wahoo – Dime Wah – CAE Boost – TS9 – Shaker – DS-1 – Fat Fuzz Factory – RAH – YD RAT – RAT – Mini MUFF

So what changed?

Jimi is out replaced by Dime, the Shaker has been moved from Board B to have it act in a better more vocal way in front of the distortions. The TS9 is acting like a boost with little grit and the RAH has moved up the chain with the Fuzz to allow for more amp simulation i.e. RAH (HIWATT) to YD RAT (dirty deep Marshall) to the RAT (JCM2000). I also put the all Wahs at the front of the line, making it a modulation to dirt to modulation setup.

Board B:

Whammy – EVH Phase 90 – Tremolo – Holy Grail – Phase Shifter – Chorus – M5 – Echo Park – TimeBender – RV-5

The Liverpool is gone gone gone (sold off). The Shaker is on Board A and the M5 and Echo Park have switched positions.

I’m a little happier with this new arrangement of the boards but as time moves on we all know it won’t last!


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