MXR EVH Phase 90

So you might think I’m going for some kind of EVH looking board at this point adding yet another signature pedal… you might be right… you might be missing out on some great pedals!

I once had a block logo Phase 90 but got rid of it for the BOSS phase shifter. I also let it go because it had an issue with volume drops when off, then a huge volume increase when engaged. Nevertheless, I have long missed the two stage phaser sounds and happily added back into the fold a MXR Phaser.

I happened to find this unit online for a great deal, something like $70 which given this pedal has two types of phasers means I paid only $35 for each! AWESOME!!! (new this guy is $180 plus tax)

Ok this is a really simple unit, on/off switch, single speed control and a special button to swap between the high gain EVH to the slightly more soft Script circuit. Whichever variation you pick on this, you will be extremely happy.

At its lowest speed this has a great slow sweep while at its max setting it can emulate a Leslie with a little more grit. I find the lowest speed to be the most suitable for most styles and adds some great depth for crunchy rhythms.

So to give you a real feel here is a sample of a new tune I’ve been working on. This isn’t mixed completely and is absent of vocals but the Phase 90 is a large part of the tone.



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