BOSS Reverb RV-5

Well it has been a little while since I’ve done any reviews on pedals, mostly due to other activities that required my attention. In that time there have been some major changes to my boards. Some pedals have been added and some removed, while others have been moved around. I’ll be providing an update on those once I get through reviewing the new items.

The RV-5 is not a new pedal to my board and marks the second/third reverb pedal. The RV-5 is situated in the very typical last position on the modulation section serving as both a room simulator and a built in amp reverb.

Recently BOSS released a new RV-6 adding a new modulation setting similar to the oct-verb from Line6 present in the M5 and ToneCore Verbzilla. I haven’t had a chance to take it for a test drive primarily due to the large price tag associated with it.

Also new to the market is a MXR Reverb pedal that really looks promising, but sadly the pedal lacks the stereo in/out that most lovers of verb require. Oh well…

The RV-5 sports 6 different reverb types all controllable via three parameter controls. My three favourite settings thus far are the Room, Hall and Modulation. Recently I’ve found that I have the Room setting used to add an extra level of depth to my tone given my small playing space. I’ve also recorded a few new tunes and the Room setting is lightly present.

The RV-5 is full stereo which works perfectly for my setup. I really tend to stay away from mono verbs because they won’t replace this unit in the way I would want to. Also they probably won’t have the distinct sound of the Holy Grail, so the RV-5 and Grail will stay (for now).

Normally when recording I don’t have the reverb on (until recently) but rather add room dynamics via Cubase for a more cohesive natural sound. Nevertheless when it comes to getting that big air in live playing the RV-5 sounds great… when the tone control is almost off. If the tone control is engaged past 9 o’clock it becomes very bright and brittle; not pleasant at all. Oddly though for the modulation the tone responds well at the 12 o’clock setting.

This pedal may not be the be-all end-all of reverbs but it should satisfy the needs of most guitarists looking to get extra depth.

***I might… be adding a first look at a new track where the RV-5 is ever so slightly heard…***


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