If you read my last post on the Shaker, I mentioned I did some changing to my boards. I’m not sure why, honestly, but it just seemed logical.

Board A (filters and drives)

My signal path now follows this route:

EVH Wah -> Wahoo -> JH Wah -> Boost -> TS9 -> DS-1 -> RAH -> FF Factory -> YD RAT -> RAT 2 -> Big Muff

Board B (modulations, verbs and delays)

Shaker -> Tremolo -> HG verb -> Phaser -> Chorus -> M5 -> Echo Park -> Time Bender -> RV5

As you can see the Tech21 Liverpool is no longer on the board, and sadly is no longer in my possession. I chose to thin my pedals and that one just didn’t make the overall cut.

Board A underwent the most drastic changes; primarily because I wasn’t happy running all my distortions into the Wahoo. I found that while good at times, it hurt the overall expressiveness of that pedal. The same can be said of the JH Wah, which also shifted to the front line. While I wanted the Frusciante tone, I didn’t find I was using one of my favourite wha pedals nearly enough. I also wanted to move the RAH and FF Factory closer to the input signal. I believe they are a little more expressive as well when closer to the pickups of the guitar. This does mean I lost the stacking with the RAH, but I gained a marshall (DS-1) running full into a Hiwatt. Which is completely awesome!

Board B didn’t have as much changes except for the shifting of the M5 and the Echo Park. I’ve found some more modulations in the M5 that I want to run in front of an analogue delay, and since that’s the EP on this board, the swap made sense.

I doubt this will be the last change, but for now it works great!


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