My #1 – The Gibson Les Paul Supreme

Nothing really says rock like the Gibson Les Paul. It’s amazing to think that this guitar was once discontinued because it wasn’t selling. There have been many different versions and many different materials used to create these beauties but what remains the same is the look.

My two Les Paul’s have a shared history, one that makes them truly unique and not just your standardĀ Gibson. Some time in 2005 a number of Gibson guitars were stolen from a shipment warehouse over the course of 12 months. The types all varied but they found their way back to Long and McQuade, sold back to them then resold to the public. Thankfully these guitars were brand new but were sold at the then “used” value. The people involved were found, the supply line ended, and a few happy people left to enjoy discounted brand new guitars.

My first Les Paul, a gift given to me when I graduated High School, was a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Supreme in Heritage Cherry. The Supreme has a double maple cap with a AAAA maple flame. The hardware is all gold, with an ebony fingerboard and bronze alloy frets. The body is slightly routed out but still weighs in over 9 lbs. Added to this beauty are the 490T and 498T which have a very progressive modern sound and lots of sustain.

The tone of the guitar sits somewhere between the Standard Les Paul and an ES-335. It can easily be dialled into either but really this mixture of two types makes this such a wonderful instrument to write and record with.

I can remember when I was first given the guitar, I had four pedals (a Fuzz Face, Distortion+, Cry Baby, and Digital Delay) running into a Marshall solid state MGX50. I immediately realized that the amp was no match for the Supreme. Thankfully we wound up getting a Fender 2×12 DeVille (still in use today).

This guitar does have a bit of a finicky neck which tends to bow out if not played often, but I have long since learned how to properly maintain my guitars so its really not a problem anymore. I also had the nut replaced by the guys at Folkway Music due to what we determined to be an over shaved bass end. Instead of going with the nylon material we decided to go bone, similar to the ES guitars. It really added to the stability and the sustain plus, you can’t even tell its not original so keep that one secret!

I’ve done a lot of recording with this guitar. Currently onĀ Red Sky songs “Hold Me”, “Hey Lady”, “Open”, “Come On Baby”, “Snow White” and “Love”. Each of those songs also has some other guitars to vary the tones, but the Supreme is the go to in my arsenal.

Again #1 was used on the new recording posted in the EVH Phase 90 review, take a listen and enjoy the power that is this guitar.


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