“AG” The Gibson ES-335 Plain Top Cherry

Long ago I had the pleasure of playing a ’70s Ibanez Artist “Gibson Killer” ES style electric. That guitar was a beauty, classic sunburst, gold hardware and a custom phase switch all in one package. The guitar was my mothers and was my first time switching to electric. Due to some hard times that guitar was sold and I have forever been looking to replace the sound and feel. About 1 year ago, I got that chance yet again.

A beautiful ES-335 came across the wire in a private sale and the instrument was in new condition even though its a 2006. I couldn’t pass on it and had luckily just enough saved to put down on this.

There is something unmistakable about the tone and sound of the ES series of guitars. They just seem to have some extra push and bottom end with a tight top end that just characterizes its sound. I immediately envision Chuck Berry, Dave Grohl, Noel Gallagher, and the prolific Alvin Lee. Put on their records and you can hear the difference, its just fantastic!

My model, a plain top, is truly wonderful. It has some light flaming but nothing that over powers the style. I have found that I really do love the looks of the plain tops, they seem a little less showy, classy one might say. I also apparently have a real issue with red guitars, which is fitting given my debut records name…

When I first got this guitar, it was clear it had never undergone a proper set-up. Most notably the G string bridge saddle was not turned around to allow for proper inotation. After investing in some setup tools, I went about giving it a proper working over. After my set-up there are no issues to report.

This guitar doesn’t sport a very fat neck, instead the profile is very similar to the Supreme. The hardware is chrome and sports none of the typical embellishments of the earlier ’58s. Nevertheless, while it might be “plain” its craftsmanship is simply awesome. This guitar does have classic ’58 humbuckers, thus making all three of my Gibson a different pickup characteristic. This guitar also sports a bone nut, something I’ve become accustomed too with the Supreme upgrade, which really helps the resonance and tuning stability.

In the wake of using so many guitars I can’t recall if this made an appearance on Red Sky but I’m positive this will be a foundation for many songs forthcoming.



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