Dunlop Dime Cry Baby From Hell

I bet I know exactly what you’re thinking… Why the hell does he have this metal pedal on his board?

Well… I happened across this Cry Baby over Easter in Ottawa at L&M Kanata (great store by the way) for $100. Original box and little to no wear. Aside from having to explain why I needed another Wah pedal (making 5 now) to myself I chanced taking it for a spin. HOLY SH!T!!!

I think I may have seen a review years ago but I didn’t really pay much attention due to the look of the pedal. The camo exterior isn’t really something that screams to me, but the versatility present in this guy is something completely different.

So what makes it so special?

  1. 5 positon rotary knob that gives 5 completely different vocal characters
  2. a boost control with up to 17 dB’s of boost
  3. a Q control
  4. sweep control

Add to this it’s a Fasel and you have one hell of a scary Wah at your disposal.

When I plugged this in I quickly ran through the 5 vocal settings. You can get that classic Cry Baby, Jimi and almost every other Wah with some other deep dark tones. I settled on the second position right out of the gate because it has this great low end sweep with a thrilling high end. I find keeping the boost off and the Q/Sweep at full counter clockwise gets the best range of this setting.

I also didn’t really get a chance to try this out with dirt but the tonality and strength of this pedal clean was outstanding. I was going from Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic” to some great funk spanks. I also found this could emulate the Ibanez Wah getting some Frusciante tones.

When I did get this guy home, I quickly uprooted the Jimi Signature and haven’t missed it at all so far. This sometimes can highlight the feedback noise in the distortions and fuzzes but that’s just the name of the game when dealing with high gain tones.

So… if you have avoided this pedal because of the style it is normally associated with, trustĀ me when I say grab one if you can get a deal on it…

Another great sample is the new material again, I used the RAT and the Dime with a slight delay, resulting is a great solo toneĀ CLICK ME TO HEAR


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