The Production

I'm going to take a little time to deviate from the guitarist gear and travel down the production road. First I'll start off with what microphones I use then travel along the path to the interface, followed with what software, computer and monitors/headphones I use to make all the magic with. Microphones: Guitars - I … Continue reading The Production


And the pedal board keeps changing…

Well it's been a while since I decided to rethink my pedal layout on the drive side but it happened... So I recently picked up a Vick Audio Overdriver pedal on kijiji and I will have a review up shortly (it's a great overdrive pedal!). As a result I had to rethink how I was … Continue reading And the pedal board keeps changing…

Part 1. The Solo Musician – Beginnings

The life of the solo musician. It isn't easy and it isn't something everyone wants to pursue. I know that I didn't really ever think I'd produce an entire album and be the only one writing the music for it, let alone preforming, recording and mixing. So what lead me to this? In this multi-part … Continue reading Part 1. The Solo Musician – Beginnings