The Production

I'm going to take a little time to deviate from the guitarist gear and travel down the production road. First I'll start off with what microphones I use then travel along the path to the interface, followed with what software, computer and monitors/headphones I use to make all the magic with. Microphones: Guitars - I … Continue reading The Production


And the pedal board keeps changing…

Well it's been a while since I decided to rethink my pedal layout on the drive side but it happened... So I recently picked up a Vick Audio Overdriver pedal on kijiji and I will have a review up shortly (it's a great overdrive pedal!). As a result I had to rethink how I was … Continue reading And the pedal board keeps changing…

Board A

So we've basically reached the halfway point of the effects portion of this site. Up to this point I've described my setup for Board A consisting of distortions, fuzz's, overdrives, boosts, Wah's and filters. So why this setup and not modulations, delays, and reverbs first? The output of this section is extremely hot, and if … Continue reading Board A