Danelectro Double Neck (12 and 6)

A few years ago I finally had the opportunity to fulfill my dream of having a double neck guitar in my collection. A great little shop downtown, Capsule Music, was moving and looking to clear some dead inventory. They just so happened to have this beauty on for less than half price. I really couldn’t say no to this one since the cost alone was cheaper than any electric 12 string on the market. It was really just a bonus that this also had the 6 string as well.

By no means are these the same guitars once manufactured in New Jersey that had the likes of Jimmy Page and Pete Townsend want to use them. Sadly the electronics are poorly done and after a couple of plays I had to replace the 12 and 6 selector switch. I have also looked to completely rewire this guitar because oddly instead of having the neck and bridge pickups switch back and forth it seems that it puts the two out of phase with each other thus creating a very thin tone. Danelectro is known for having that kind of hollow sound but I don’t think this wiring setup is really ideal but for now it will do.

I also recently had to adjust the nuts on both guitars because they were set to high and caused minor intonation issues. The one downside is I cut one slightly lower and may have to replace the aluminum nut at some point, though I think I would have done that anyway eventually. Unlike many of my instruments this guitar will very much be changed and altered since really it’s just a playing guitar and not something that will have long term appreciation.

Aside from some of the minor issues which given it’s a production line guitar from Korea, this is a cool item to have. It’s nice to be able to pull out the 12 string to play some classic 60s songs and also swap over to the 6 for a slightly different sound. I mean clearly Stairway has been played too many times to discuss…

For the album I always saw this guitar as an option for Bitter Wine  and Love but seeing as I haven’t gotten to any live gigs, it might just be one of those guitars that just has its niche at home. I can’t necessarily recommend grabbing one of these since I haven’t seen too many around or at the price I grabbed mine for. But if you do get one understand that you’ll have some work ahead of you before it because a real player.


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