Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry Dreadnaught Acoustic

Way… way… way back this was my number 1 acoustic guitar… actually it was my only acoustic. Laying around the house we had a couple acoustics that had seen their better days; an old El Degas and Washburn I think. Both were playable but had some issues. Though I do kind of wish I had them just to work on and to keep in some alternate tunings. Anyway, this guitar was my very first guitar of my own and is still very much used for anything outside of standard tuning.

I really can’t recommend these guitars enough to anyone who is on a budget and wants something that will stand up over time. This guitar while cared for has been dropped once or twice including a trip against some concrete, though it never cracked or even showed damage. In terms of pliability there is something very easy about these guitars. They are usually very well setup and have a full round sound. They aren’t lacquered which does deepen the tone slightly but over the past 10+ years this guitar has only gotten better with time.

I may have also forgotten to mention this is a Canadian made guitar which also adds to its value.

I don’t use this guitar for any recording anymore, I prefer the sound of the Martin for mist things. If I ever end up getting into writing some alternate tuning songs, I will probably use this guitar but then again I might just put the Martin through its paces.

In any event if you’re looking for a great cheap guitar I can highly recommend this brand.


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