Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry 12 String Dreadnaught

My second guitar, which should be no surprise to anyone who knows me, was a 12 string acoustic. Sadly this wasn’t my first A&R 12 string. In some confusion years ago during a yard sale my original 12 string was sold. A few years later I wound up replacing the missing guitar in a slightly different colour.

This guitar is very similar in sound and playability to the 6 string. Right out of the box these guys play extremely well and have a great setup.

I do use this acoustic in recordings where I want to establish a much fuller sound or where the acoustic is the primary driving force in the song. For Red Sky I used this guitar on Bitter Wine”. I don’t recall having to EQ this guitar in post production either which really speaks to the balanced sound this instrument has.

My only knock against this guitar compared to the one I had prior is that they use a plastic vinyl decoration around the sound hole. My previous guitar had a silk screened decoration which suited the quality of the guitar.

If you haven’t played a 12 string before be mindful that the neck is a tad bit wider and requires a really good setup otherwise the action can make 12 string instruments unplayable. They can also be a tuning nightmare if you don’t take your time with it, however I’ve found that the tuning stability on A&R guitars to be top notch.

Did I mention is this Canadian made?


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