CF Martin HD28

Is there anything more wonderful than the sound a Martin acoustic creates? Honestly I don’t think there is… which might explain why I only have one high end acoustic and yet so many electrics…

I was fortunate enough to acquire this Martin at a time when our dollar was par with the US and has also led to the increased value of this guitar over the past 10 years. Now of course that wasn’t the reason for grabbing this beauty; in fact my ever wanting desire to emulate the sounds of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page pushed me to go for a Martin over a Gibson acoustic. Originally I had only planned to get a D28 but was advised to step up to the HD28 for the added value.

The HD28 is a spruce top with Indian rose wood sides and back also sporting a herringbone inlay pattern around the binding and back spine. The 28 series will not as ornate as the 35 does have the same tonal characteristics; loud, full and perfect for almost any style of playing. I do have to mention that the guys at Folkway music did a wonderful service in setting this guitar up for me, making it not only a wonderful lead acoustic but also a great rhythm master.

The 28 covers both folk, rock and blues wonderfully and depending on your pick dynamics can also emulate some smaller bodied acoustics similar to the L series from Gibson. Unlike the Gibson’s the Martin doesn’t have a natural compression as the result of an oversized thick pick guard. Instead the woods establish a very balanced tone.

If you hear an acoustic on my recording tracks it is and will alway be this 28 (unless of course for the 12 string). I’ve found that just a single SM57 does the trick for recording and with a little double tracking and different mic placements will produce a wonderful full acoustic sound (OpenĀ is a perfect example). The ease in which this guitar can be played makes it a dream for song writing, and because of the dreadnaught tone also wonderful for working on vocal melodies.

I have had my eye on getting a Gibson hummingbird but unless an outstanding deal comes my way, the 28 will remain the sole high end acoustic in my arsenal.


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