And the pedal board keeps changing…

Well it’s been a while since I decided to rethink my pedal layout on the drive side but it happened…

So I recently picked up a Vick Audio Overdriver pedal on kijiji and I will have a review up shortly (it’s a great overdrive pedal!). As a result I had to rethink how I was stacking pedals and the different types of gains I want to achieve. I am probably an unusual soul who refuses to use my amps for their overdrive but hey I am what I am.

So to easily describe the new layout I’ll do a line diagram followed by a few comments:

DB Wah>Sonuus>EVH Wah>Shaker>Overdriver>FF Factory>Boost>DS1>Muff>RAH>YD RAT>RAT2

I wonder if you can already see what I’m doing…

With the addition of the Overdriver (a staple to Beck and Gilmour) I’ve decided to make more use of the HIWATT emulator in the RAH. So now I can basically get the tones of a few famous musicians with a little extra flexibility and customization.

Excluding the filters I can now use the Overdriver to boost the RAH getting both the Gilmour and Page live tones. I’ve also noticed that the Overdriver alone will get that studio album sound from the first three Zep albums if set to around 10 o’clock on the drive (essentially a light transparent drive sound that will respond to volume and picking dynamics). I can also use the FF Factory and drive that into the RAH getting some amazing Hendrix type tones when rolling through the volume knob (I don’t know why I never thought of driving fuzz into an already distorted amp, I mean listen to the Hendrix albums and then do it yourself… light goes off and, ya, now you have the Hendrix tone!). I’m still keeping the DS1>Muff section unchanged because that gets a wonderful lead tone similar to Frusciante. I can also take the Overdriver and hit that into the Muff while also driving that into the RAH which does get some very Floyd type tones. I’ve left the RATs after the RAH because they are going for that scooped Marshall tone, very Slash and Foo Fighters like. I’ve also shifted the boost to help compensate for the Overdriver when I have the volume rolled back on the guitar (dynamics, dynamics, dynamics). I can also use the Boost to drive the RAH adding yet another level of gain to the setup. The shaker has also worked its way to the front of the line. I found it was where it shines best and really adds some great depth and character (I can also get that classic grunge vibrato sound with it up front). Obviously stacking aside, each pedal can function on its own and thus I have an almost endless combination of stacking and individual pedal options!

I’ve also made some changes to the settings on my amps to create a much more mid driven tone that has started to shine through mixes and added depth to much of my sound.

One last note: I’ve set the RAH to a medium gain setting and dialled in the tone parameters to copy my clean amp tones. So now the Overdriver gets the light crunch, the RAH the medium crunch and any stacking will push to unknown levels!

If you have any feedback or questions about this setup feel free to post your comments!

*P.S. I’ve finally said goodbye to the TS9 tone sucker, thank you Vick Audio!


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