TC Electronic Mini Shaker

Well I’ve made some changes to my boards, changing pedals around and adding/subtracting a few. In terms of adding I was interested in getting another “leslie” simulator so I grabbed a vibrato pedal.

I have to say, I never really expected to like this pedal as much as I do. I really thought this would just be another modulation pedal that would have “certain” uses, but limited in overall application. I was completely wrong. The vibrato is a multifaceted unit that can really add depth to every clean tone.

There are two variations on this pedal from TC, the regular full size unit and this mini pedal. The mini offers all the same capabilities as the big brother, but in a much smaller more board friendly size. You may immediately notice that one knob and switch are not present, however if using the “Tone Print” software it allows you to access those features. On top of the fantastic digital interface, “Tone Print” also provides a number of pre-programmed tones from many well known musicians.

Interface aside, the sound of a vibrato, this vibrato captures many of those classic tones from Hendrix to the Grunge scene from Seattle. On a low setting, you can get some wonderful depth on a clean tone. Add a little grit and suddenly there’s a feeling of two guitarists playing at once. Increasing the rate/speed takes you from the wobble of Chris Isaac/James Calvin Wilsey mid-80s tone to deep sounds of Chris Cornell/Soundgarden.

I’ve been fooling around with this pedal quite a bit and I can foresee lots of use in the future. Of course, I hope, I don’t get to carried away with it…


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