Line 6 M5

Where do I even begin with this pedal…

When I got this bad mofo I had primarily been interested in the Leslie/Uni-Vibe sound. But then I plugged this sucker in and found a world of possibilities, endless possibilities.

The M5 is given its name because it offers 5 types of effects families; Delay, Mod, Distortion, Filter, and Verb. Sadly unlike the M9 and M13 this is a single selection pedal and not a multi-effects pedal. But in this setup and with all my other pedals this became the swiss army knife of my setup.

I have found a number of usable settings including the Tape Delay which can be heard on “Red Sky”. To get the modulated swells I used the addition of a foot pedal. I’ve also fallen in love with the stereo delay setting, because this pedal allows you to select two different delay timings, independent of each other of either the left or right side. This is fantastic for recreating certain true dotted eight note delays with whole note overlays.

I’ve also found use for the filter section, which has some very nice high pass filters selections and some very cool Obi-Wha sounds. The distortions aren’t the best in the world, so I’m not using any for my rig. The modulations has a great plethora of chorus phasers, and flangers; along with some really awesome tremolos. All and all this pedal is great!

The one downside to this guy is the lack of an updated interface similar to the Wahoo. Saving, naming and creating can take way too much time and may cause frustration. If you stick with it, it’s worth it but there’s some room for improvement.

Also adding extra bang for your buck is the addition of a tuner, accessible by holding down the Tap button. this also works great for silencing your line when you change guitars.

In terms of construction, I would also say this is very rugged and solid. There are complaints with an issue that sees the unit malfunction when the rubber feet are removed, but after some research it’s clear that this is caused by a short circuit caused by the screws making contact with the main unit and its power jack. SOO don’t remove the rubber feet!!!!

I could go on for days running you through all the different configurations and sounds, but I won’t. Instead just grab one and try it out. If you only use it for delays you won’t be at all upset over the purchase.


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