DigiTech Time Bender

It was a very sad day when I found out DigiTech discontinued this pedal from their lineup. I almost contemplated finding a few more just to have backups in case mine ever broke.

This is my primary delay unit and is all over the album. I probably only use about 2% of what this pedal can do, but why bother with the rest when the 2% is so damn good!

I use the fourth delay pattern which emulates a great full stereo dotted eighth note. “Hey Lady” is a great example, given that this delay helped create the inspiration for the chord progression. This pedal also influenced the delay on “Hold Me” which just expands as the pattern simplifies.

Among its features is a tap tempo, stereo in and out, foot pedal control, storage banks, looper, reverse…. lots and lots and lots more…

Like I said, I don’t use this pedal in its full capacity, and if you want to see what more it can do hit up youtube where you will see examples of chord-octave delays and note bending options. This is really one part delay and ten parts musical instrument.

I would say get one of these, but then I’d hate hearing my delays sounds on any other recording!


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