Line 6 – Echo Park

So now we enter into a world of pedals that have endless uses and even more endless comments; the world of delay pedals.

My first real delay was the Line 6 Echo Park. The little brother of the DL4, the EP offers a few of the most known features in a stereo in and out format with tap tempo. The EP has three type of delay emulation: Tape, Digital or Analog. There is also a trails switch which can be used to either have the delay carry the repeats when kicked off or immediately end the repeats when kicked off.

There are also five other control knobs that set the modulation, mix, amount of repeats, the delays time and the type of delay (of which there are 11 different options when plugged in stereo). This pedal really shines when in stereo and when using the analog mode with a good dose of modulation.

Prior to adding two more delays (the Line 6 M5 and the DigiTech Time Bender which I’ll be reviewing next) the EP was my primary delay pedal. I didn’t want to break the bank on using a DL4 and I was also worried about the DL4’s issues when used constantly, so the EP seemed to be the best next option. Initially this was used in just mono single amp mode, which worked well and with the tap tempo (an option not common at the time) it really did the Coldplay/U2 sounds without issue. When I jumped into the stereo world the pedal got even better. Sadly though when I did go stereo I added the Time Bender so this pedal wound up becoming my #2 on the board.

The digital and tape modes are very good and really give pedals in the higher price range a run for their money. But the EP I believe has one of the best analog circuits on the market. Unlike the MXR Carbon Copy, having an analog pedal with tape tempo makes getting those great lush repeats with proper timing. My understanding with this pedal though is that it’s actually a digital pedal imitating an analog circuit. Either way you can get those Gilmour and Lanois tones easily. So like I said right now this pedal is my analog delay.

With regards to the album, this pedal made a great number of appearances. “Red Sky“, “Open“, “Hold Me“, and “Love” have this pedal present in some fashion. If you hear either a Swell or an analog sound, that’s the EP.


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