DigiTech Chorus Factory (CF-7)

Where do I even begin with this one… chorus, all the chorus, every chorus, stereo chorus, its endless! No really it’s endless with this pedal, soooo many tweaks and turns that can shape the perfect effect… plus it also has a flanger!

When I first tried this pedal, with no knowledge of what it did or was trying to do, I found the setting for a choral/flanger and broke out the opening riff to “She Sells Sanctuary”. I was quickly met with a gasp from the sales person, “how did you just get that sound?!?!” “I have zero idea, but I’ll take it!”

This is the chorus pedal that ended the need for any other one. Oddly though this pedal didn’t last long and didn’t sell well. It really is astounding to be honest, but I think I have an idea why.

You see this pedal is meant to run stereo. Half of the controls are dedicated to the width and space of the stereo effect. Seeing as most guitarists don’t run a true stereo rig, they only heard half of the power of this pedal. Well better for me, because this is one of those gems that I and a few others have all to our selves.

Enough of the love note, lets get into this one!

The CF-7 offers 7 different chorus effects, all based on popular pedals from the 70s to current models. Though unlike their original incarnation, DigiTech allows for more parameter controls with the 6 control knobs. Yeah, you get to dial it just right.

The upside to having so many different versions to use, is the likely hood you’ll choose just one, or migrate over time to another. This pedal allows the user to grow as their taste changes without having to purchase another pedal. Further for those who do stereo rigs, this is the pedal that can split the mono signal into a true stereo (the Tremolo can do that too, but this pedal just sounds way better and can be used more frequently).

I’m actually sitting here having a hard time explaining why this pedal is so great. It’s not really something that can be put into words, it’s more of an experience. BUT BUT BUT don’t bother with it if you don’t run stereo. Like I mentioned before, I had the choice to use this or the tremolo as the splitter, and after careful deliberation I found that this pedal needs to be stereo, otherwise it just sounds bland.

Now if I could find more places for a chorus effect, I would. Where I did was in Hold Me and Love. The chorus is a funny sound that can be over done if you aren’t careful. Think of “Under The Bridge” by RHCP, that is a perfect use in both intro and outro. I will also mention that when recording this pedal I again record in stereo to capture the full breadth of the depth this pedal displays.

So if you run stereo, get this pedal. If you don’t, well too bad cause you’re missing out on the wonders of the Chorus Factory.


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