So I had a weird experience last night. I was fairly tired and didn’t feel like doing much, so I put my headphones on and started listening to a few tracks of Radiohead. Then I felt like giving my new album a listen. At this point I must have been only half conscious, or completely thoughtless.

The opening track comes on and I recall thinking, is something different about this mix? I couldn’t believe what I was listening to was the same album I’ve had on in the car for a good 2 months. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, rather I don’t know how many other musicians have had that listening experience where they take themselves out of it.

It really was like listening to the album for the first time, free of all the thoughts about whether the levels are right. I wonder though if it’s partially because I can’t do anything now to correct them if they seem to be out. The album is out and not in my hands anymore, which must have allowed my brain to let go of the image it had.

For those reading this I’d like to ask whether you have had similar experiences either with music or movies, paintingsā€¦?

I really am interested to see how many others have had this happen.

In any case, I’m really enjoying listening freely to the album and I’m extremely happy with the results.

BTW the album is now up on iTunes for those who have been waiting!

visit http://www.zo-rane.com for the links!


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