DigiTech Whammy IV

The opening to U2’s “Even Better Than The Real Thing” or Radiohead’s “My Iron Lung” both have a very special pedal in common; the Whammy by DigiTech. I don’t believe much detail is really required in describing the Whammy aside from that it bends, warbles, pitch shifts and wham’s the sh!t out of your tone!

The Whammy has had many variations and many argue that the original 16 bit version is the best, and they probably are right. However, the 24 bit IV does everything the original does and really sounds just like it’s counterpart.

Does the Whammy do everything great… no. Tracking is terrible for complex progressions and the calibration goes out every once and a while. But without that terrible tracking “My Iron Lung” wouldn’t have that great warble to it.

The Whammy also lets the user get an onboard whammy bar without having to sacrifice their guitar or tuning stability. The octave ups are great for that RATM solo sounds and the Edge’s DJ inspired work on POP and Achtung Baby. It’s a great pedal for what it does and doesn’t do.

There are a number of other features on this including a multi-chorus effect but let be honest, you’re not getting it for that and you probably won’t even touch those settings.

You’ll here this pedal dominate on “Come On Baby” during the solo where the spin cycle is set to max and the octave 2+ up. I really wanted to do my best RATM take with the infusion of the Edge and Page.

The Whammy will probably only make it on an album once or twice, but when it does it adds a wealth of unmistakable sound.

***one downside though is it does clearly buffer the signal and may cause some people a headache. I don’t however have an issue with it, since it seems to work collectively with everything else on the board. It’s a perfect harmony of buffered and true bypass….


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