ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory (or the ultimate fuzz face)

Adding this pedal to my board was purely coincidental. I was looking for a replacement for a broken Fuzz Face (not original but a reissue from 2002). I few options crossed my path having spent hours on Kijiji looking for a good used pedal. After a couple choices fell through, I went to the North York Long and McQuade one Saturday afternoon. Lucky for me there were a few choice including a used Octavia, Voodoo Labs Fuzz, Fulltone, and this little bad boy.

After rolling through the first three pedals (and underwhelmed by what I heard) I plugged this nasty little sucker in. What ever the settings where set to, made the pedal sound like a beautifully broken fuzz. You know that sound, the one that has drop outs and self modulation! Say similar to many sounds on the Black Keys albums, but with a little more warmth. Well, I knew right then and there that this was the fuzz I was looking for.

Based on the germanium side of the pedal universe (which I prefer if you haven’t figure that out yet) this pedal offers five variable controls and one three position switch (or the fatness switch). Oddly enough the trick to getting the right sound is to just twist, turn  and flick… If it’s the wrong combo you get nasty thuds, and if it’s right and who knows what sound that actually is you don’t (unless that’s what you want).

After my Fuzz Face was fixed, I sadly had to put it away for special occasions, because this factory does it and a whole lot more. One down side to this pedal is, you only get one setting at a time and you better damn well not touch it after you get the perfect fuzz. Which in hindsight makes a tons of sense for ZVEX… one pedal for each setting! Absolutely GENIUS!!!

I did add this to the board a little late into the process for the album but it did make its appearance on “Red Sky” for the bridge from the chorus back into the verse. As with any fuzz pedal they don’t exactly make it into every mix or find a home in every song. What they do however is provide amazing lead tones for live uses.

This is a fantastic fuzz and should be present on any board where fuzz is wanted. Add to that it isn’t stupidly expensive like most boutique pedals, and you have the prefect combo!


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