Hello World!

Well it’s finally done and out for the masses to hear! My new debut album released today and it’s titled Red Sky. You can take a listen on my site or head over to or any other music download/streaming service!

I’ve been working on this album since 2013, reworking some older material and adding some new songs. I think this is the best collection of songs I currently have and I am extremely happy with how the whole record flows and sounds obviously!

The album opens with the song “Hold Me” which describes the desire for someone and the helpless feeling of needing their presence in your life. The second track is “Hey Lady” which follows the story line of “Hold Me”, where now we are transported to the relationship and the hardships that can happen. “Open”, which has undergone a makeover on the bottom end, is a journey of self discovery; looking into oneself and finding a level of clarity. The fourth track “Come On Baby” resolves the story line presented in the first three songs, and proclaims “ooh baby, baby don’t you know, it’s the time and place I got to show!”

Entering in the fifth song, I get the opportunity to visit my love of Blues and Rock. I took a perspective on society that we all know well; the search for fame and fortune. Will you “Follow Me” and sell your soul to get the fame and gold? After falling into the depth of Hell, we are transported in “Bitter Wine” to the same soul having been saved, given another opportunity to learn from their mess BUT was the lesson learned or will we just throw it away. The title track “Red Sky” has a really dark edge commenting on the perils of society and the need to keep fighting for the light. “See the world in a green and blue, see the shadows when they cover you, tear through to the other side, don’t you ever just run and hide!”

“Wake Up” song number 7 on the album questions the listener about what would they see if the suddenly died in this moment. What would they leave behind and what did they do with their life? Did you wake up to the reality around us or remain a walking dead… “Snow White” I’ll leave you the audience with your own interpretation because the title may suggest the inspiration but it may also be more figurative than literal. Now we reach the final song of the album, “Love”. It’s a fitting end and rolls wonderfully into the beginning of the album if you have it on loop. Remember that love conquers and saves all even if we wonder where has all the love gone.

Even though it seems like I intentionally had a story to tell in this album, I can honestly say its purely coincidental that this perspective presented itself. I wrote many of these songs years ago and just recently pieced together the jotted down lyrical notes. It’s amazing how that can happen though; it really speaks to my belief that we as musicians channel some creative force, that we aren’t always fully aware of what we are creating until its finished.

For those of you who don’t know, I did write, perform, record and produce this album out of my own little studio. With some help from friends and family, I was able to get the mixes and sounds just right!

I love this album and I hope you will as well!

(stay tuned to for more news on physical copies!)


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