EHX Little Big Muff

The Big Muff is just one of those pedals that always finds its way onto most guitarists pedal boards. For everyone looking for the Pink Floyd, White Stripes, or RHCP sound one has to have a BM present. It’s unmistakable, dirty and down right muff’d up.

What’s also great about the BM is that it works great as an extra level of dirt when used with a distortion or boost pedal. For example if you have an Overdriver, DS-1 or DS-2 engage either one first then add the second and some really great tones will come flowing… one might even say Gilmour/Frusciante-esq tone.

Today being November 11th, the day my debut solo album hit the web it couldn’t be a better time to break down some of the dirty sounds on the album that the BM created. “Hold Me” has the BM in the bridge for an added depth to the filter affect of the Sonuus. “Red Sky” has the BM all over it and the solo uses the aforementioned staging technique along with the EVH Wah for a soaring finish.

You really can’t escape the need for the BM, if you don’t have one get one… because every once and a while everyone needs to get muff’d up!

(p.s. on the debate of the larger size sounding different, I really can’t hear it. I own both and you can’t tell the difference.)


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