Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah

Continuing with my clear love affair with filter effects, I have placed towards the end of my distortion/fuzz/overdrive section yet another wah pedal. There have been a few versions of the Hendrix Wah, I believe this was the second release (chrome foot control and velvet type metal chassis), and probably the most visually striking of the series.

The placement of this pedal was inspired by the solo in RHCP’s Dani California. When you put the wah after a distortion of fuzz you can create a driving/shrill sound that in many cases isn’t exactly the most pleasant sound. So why? This is partially because following the wah is another fuzz and HIWATT simulator. Having placed the wah in other section of the chain didn’t yield the best results for those two pedals, so it just happened to work and also grabbed that Dani solo sound.

The Hendrix Wah did need a slight adjustment to create better highs for a more usable filter pass, but that adjustment takes no more then 10 minutes and very few tools. Once you have adjusted the sweep, the pedal has a fantastic deep bottom end. It stands out best when matched with germanium fuzzes or amp simulators. Is it the Hendrix wah sound we all know and love… debatable; it is however a unique pedal that gets great tones unlike any other wah.

Prior to adding the EVH to the board the Hendrix was my main go to for wah tones. Now however it has taken a bit more of a back seat. For the album I can’t specifically recall which moments I used it (“Open” has a standard fasil Cry Baby, while “Red Sky” and “Wake Up” use the EVH), but when it comes to playing ¬†for pleasure it easily takes up 50% of the songs played.

If you’re not really one to grab a wah emulator, or even the multifunction wah’s from Dunlop, CAE, etc. but prefer individual pedals, then you should consider adding this to your board. If you also happen to enjoy the Hendrix branding then don’t miss this one, it’s a destined classic.


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