Catalinbread RAH

Jimmy Page. There aren’t too many guitarists names that bring up the immediate need to emulate tone. What hurts however, is the search seems endless. Until RAH…

Catalinbread is in many cases a boutique pedal. It’s hand made and carries a price tag to match. With that said, they went out and tried to create that unmistakable 1970 Royal Albert Hall Page tone. What’s scary is… they did it!

This became in instant hit for me. The fist Zeppelin album I welcomed into my ears was III and this sounds is very much present in some fashion (yes I know Page didn’t use his large amps for recording… but just because this pedal promotes the image of a large amp doesn’t mean it is only a large amp!!!).

RAH was added to my board at the midway point of Red Sky, and it immediately made an appearance. Inspired by the new tone I went back into my teens and pulled on the classic rock inspired “Follow Me” riff. Add to that the story of selling your soul to the devil and well you can clearly see I was possessed by the devilish work of Catalinbread. (I might also mention the lyrics were also inspired by a very similar themed television show Supernatural, which you should check out!)

RAH also became this great stacking pedal, where I could run other distortions or fuzz’s through to get that great big amp sound. What also is amazing about this pedal is its ability to clean up when you adjust the volume knobs on the guitar. All in all this is a great big boy tone.

In terms of the stacking mentioned above, the solo for “Hold Me” is a great example. I had the RAH slightly boosted with the CAE pedal and you can clearly hear that this pedal has tons of head room and creates an awesome lead tone that isn’t too aggressive.

If you can get one of these used (like I did) then do it. If you are a Zep head, do it. If you play through small combo amps but want the big English sound then let me say again GET THIS PEDAL! (no I’m not being paid by Catalinbread for this one… hmmm Catalinbread care to help a guy out???)


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