Sonuus Wahoo

The Wahoo is easily the most complicated yet rewarding pedals currently on my board. This is a first generation which means it came with a flaw. Easily fixed but annoying to all hell, was a single connection point between the rocker sensor and the main board. After fixing this ongoing issue, I quickly found how versatile this pedal is. The dual filter ability allows you to dial in some unique swells and wobbles. An example comes on the track “Hold Me” during the build to the chorus. The wobble is the Wahoo on a clean guitar tracked twice to provide a battling effect.

Another effect available on this is a beat filter. I used this on “Come On Baby” during the verse and chorus for an added beat presence along with an auto-wah type effect. The result is something that I hope most assume is a beat machine or synth.

The Wahoo can also act like a step filter or sequencer which will become very handy for imitating the effect on “Open” (for the recording I couldn’t find a board effect to do this) for live performances.

If you happen to get one of these make sure to make us of the computer interface. If you attempt to use the pedals few buttons you’ll lose out on the depth of programming available. I would recommend this unit for anyone looking who wants to have just one filter effect to cover Wah’s right through to beat sequencers.
P.s. This has 99 factory presets with another 99 user presets…. Plus it’s good for big bass and guitar…. Wahoo!


I’ve been experimenting with the wah portions a tad bit more lately with the Wahoo, and I’m really starting to dig it. I’ve found I can nail the tone of the Ibanez WH-1 without even trying. I really wrote the wah’s off on this from the start and I was mistaken to have done so.


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