ProCo You Dirty RAT

Next up on a long list of dirt pedals placed on my board is a ProCo You Dirty RAT. I got this little guy in hopes of replacing an ailing Fuzz Face which really didn’t work out. BUT what I did get was an amazing Germanium distortion pedal that almost removed its sister RAT 2 from my main board.

You’ll soon see that I really enjoy the germanium pedals over the more standard silicone. I honestly believe the darker tone provides a great deal of depth to my tone. They also respond well to both humbuckers and single coils without having to alter the settings.

Sadly this guy didn’t get used on the album, mostly because the Fat Fuzz Factory over shadowed the beauty of this pedal. Nevertheless, it will find its home on the next album or more likely the live renditions of this album!

If you haven’t had a shot at this pedal yet you really should. But don’t think of it as a fuzz or a distortion but the absolute best hybrid of the two worlds. Think a cranked JCM with a built in dark setting….


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