ProCo RAT 2

So yes I went with what has become a very standard pedal on almost every rig out there, a ProCo RAT II. I actually got this pedal to capture the Buckland sound from the Rush of Blood to the Head album (Coldplay) which seems odd given the sweetness of this pedal is in cranking it to get a very hot sounding Marshall.

Oddly now with the DS-1 I have the Marshall sound covered from the just breaking up to the fully cranked. Stack the two and it captures the art of feeding one signal into the other, which is what you had to do on older models. Example below…

I haven’t swapped the main chip on this reissue only because it does what it needs to. I’m not trying to capture that 80’s punk sound but rather a Marshall clone. Why mess with it when it works well.

You’ll here this pedal for most of the lead work on Red Sky. It was the dirt for Open, Hold MeBitter Wine…. (like I said, it’s on the album a lot!) I found it really stood out in the mixes and really provided a great source of inspiration. Don’t be mistaken though. I rarely doubled pedals for multitracking purposes because they blended too easily. If you hear more than one riff it’s more than one dirt pedal.


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