To TS9 or not

The TS9 has been one of those pedals that always frustrates me but also just seems to stay on the board. I recently had mine moded by a local gear head which included LED clipping and an added mid and low thump. It has definitely increased its usage but I still can’t decide whether to keep it on.

My biggest issue is that it seems to increase the high range even when off. The LED clipping is awesome though. Real loud and also smooth for an overdrive.

I’ll just have to wait and see I guess. 


The moded TS9 has still not yet fallen of the pedal board. I found that this pedal really does deliver on the extra crunch I wanted. I have this running as a secondary setting to the DS-1. In essence I can get two different stages of breakup without a tonal loss between the two. They do have a slightly different edge but I’ve found I like the differences from each other and that they fit well as to the differing ranges you’ll get when an amp is pushed just a little bit more.


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