Number four in the path is a moded DS-1. This is an absolutely amazing pedal that really shines as a light overdrive. I set the drive at 9 o’clock which gives a great just on the verg of breaking up Marshall. It also stacks against fuzzes like no other pedal. If you’re looking for that Frusciante clean tone get a JCM modded DS-1. Get one, you won’t regret it.


This has become my main distortion over the last few months. I really love the stacking with the Muff and the RAH. I wound up using this on both “Wake Up” and “Red Sky” for most of the heavy parts (“Red Sky” also has the Fat Fuzz Factory applied). If you want to take a listen to the solid nature of this pedal click here and here. The note articulation and the subtle nature of the gain make this a great amp simulator. That’s right, I wouldn’t classify this as a distortion anymore but a JCM in a pedal.


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