MXR CEA Boost/Line Driver

Following my EVH Wah is a MXR CAE line driver/boost. The real goal of this pedal is to even out the signal lose when swapping from a humbucker to a single coil. I sometimes also leave it on a zero gain to provide a little more stability right out of the gate. It really isn’t something you can notice but at times it just seems to add a little something.

Currently this is helping make up for the lose of push from a Deluxe telecaster I recently picked up. If you’ve ever played a single coil tele you’ll understand the need to push it a little hotter.

An added benefit for this pedal is that it can source an 18v power supply. This means extra headroom for live shows and again transparency when used to boost your signal. I believe I used this a number of times on the album even with the Gibson’s for an added depth.

I haven’t had a chance to use a micro amp which functions the same way but I believe either way you go you won’t be disappointed.

Just don’t use this as a driver to push your amps. It won’t do a TS or a Rangemaster at all, there is zero grit for that type of application.


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