Dunlop EVH Wah

I recently added the EVH signature wah onto my board being my first pedal in line. I was sceptical given that most signature wah’s are more name than substance. Surprisingly the mid-range voice of this wah really allows for it to standout on all overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals. This unit actually replaced a standard fasel Cry Baby with far better success.

I don’t plan to provide a rating on tone, durability etc… instead I’d rather suggest that if you want a very versatile wah and can grab one of these cheap (I got mine for $75) then don’t hesitate. BUT I also have two other wah’s (Hendrix and Wahoo) to cover other ranges, yet I still use this as the primary lead wah.

Once I work it into a recording I’ll pop up a sound sample within a mix.


This Wah has become a staple in my main setup. It now runs front and centre over the Sonuus and JH Wah.

For the last two songs added to¬†Red Sky both “Wake Up” and “Red Sky” feature the EVH Wah. Take a listen to both solos:

“Wake Up”

“Red Sky”

This really is a fantastic Wah pedal that doesn’t colour or over shape the sound. In “Red Sky” you’ll notice that the pedal is on through the entire solo but only when I dip back to the heel position you’ll suddenly notice the strength of the mid hump. Fantastic!!!!

Grab one if you can, even if it’s used, cause I did and I don’t regret it!


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